A Sample of Our Crafts

Colored Sand in a Bottle

Anyone who has visited the beach knows that this is a classic favorite for kids and adults alike. Kids will take a uniquely shaped bottle that ranges from a classic bottle to some truly unique designs. Then, kids will use a funnel to insert sand in a variety of shapes that will allow kids to create their own unique mix of colors. There is a wide array of colors that kids can choose from. Some kids might elect to make their entire bottle a single layer while other kids will use every color available. Kids may even try to drop the sand into the bottle in a specific way to create a unique design on the outside of the bottle. Other kids may even shake up their bottle to create a wild design that everyone will appreciate. The colored sand in a bottle project can be created by kids from a young age and is a wonderful way for kids to create desk ornaments, paperweights, or even necklaces that they can use for years. Take a look at some of the designs that have been created by customers in the past.


Paper Sailboats

People who visit the beach know that going out on the water is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages. Now, kids can get in touch with the ocean using the paper sailboats project. Kids will follow instructions to create some beautiful paper sailboats. Some kids will try to make their sailboat match a classic design while other kids might try to create a completely new design for their sailboat. This is meant for kids to get in touch with their creative side and so creating a unique paper sailboat is completely fine. Once the sailboat is put together, the fun doesn’t stop there. Many kids will add a beautiful array of colors to their sailboat. Some kids will add glitter or stickers to their sailboat. Some kids may even want to combine their sailboats or add some additions to their project. Kids can build the sailboats together and make friends while getting in touch with their creative abilities. Parents will be amazed at what the imagination of kids can come up with. Every child will enjoy building a paper sailboat and our arts and crafts sets provide the ability for kids to create sailboats in whatever model they choose! Browse through some of the images from this project below!


Origami Fish

The beach is home to a wide variety of animals. From sharks to dolphins and even manatees, the ocean is home to a diverse array of aquatic animals. That is what inspired our origami fish project. This arts and crafts project has been steeped in tradition and has been organized into an arts and crafts project that kids will enjoy. Best of all, this project was inspired by the beach! Kids will fall in love with our origami fish project. Parents and children can follow the instructions on our project to fold together some beautiful origami fish. They can choose to model their origami after the classic designs or choose to come up with their own unique creations. Once the fish have been folded, kids and parents alike can add a unique color scheme to their fish to model the origami after their favorite aquatic animal. Some kids will choose to create their own, unique aquatic creature. Some kids will even give their creation a name. Decorating their oragami fish doesn’t just mean adding colors. Some kids will add stickers, glitter, or other unique additions to make their origami fish their own. Why not take a look at what some of our customers have come up with?



One of the most popular things for parents and kids to do at the beach is to build sandcastles. The sand is soft enough yet sticky enough to build some truly masterful creations. Kids will use buckets, pails, and their own bare hands to put together a myriad of designs and these designs served as the inspiration for our sandcastles arts and crafts project. While our sandcastle arts and crafts project comes with instructions, it also comes with the ability for parents and kids to put together their own sandcastle designs. Some kids are fine putting together a sandcastle in the shape of a pail. Other kids will want to add multiple stories complete with doors and windows. Many kids will also fortify their sandcastles with a wall that will guard against the approaching waves. Many people are impressed by the sandcastles that they see on commercials on the TV but the imagine of children can be even more creative. Kids will even texture their sandcastles with unique architectural designs. Parents may even find a budding career path for their children! Prospective sandcastle designers should absolutely flip through some of the sandcastles to see what the minds of children can come up with. Their imaginations can absolutely run wild.


Triple Sevens Slot Machine

As stated, the Beach Creative team always has one rotating arts and crafts project that strays from the beach theme. This month, the non-beach project is modeled off of a slot machine. The slot machine for this month is the Triple Sevens Slot Machine. Without a doubt, anyone who has visited a casino or seen one on TV is familiar with the goal of a slot machine. When people line up three of the same symbol in either a diagonal or a horizontal row, they win a prize. One of the highest payouts is the Triple Sevens. This project is built off of this theme and allows kids to create a mask. Simply cut out the design as shown and finish the mask off by removing the eyeholes and adding a slot for the mouth and nose if desired. The project comes complete with a string on the back so the mask can be worn properly. While the mask has been designed with the Triple Sevens theme in mind, kids can absolutely make this design their own. There are dollar signs, cherries, and numerous other symbols for kids to choose from. Most kids don’t even know how a slot machine works which can lead to some truly creative designs. For people looking to take a break from the beach theme, this is a great idea for parents looking to inspire a jolt of creativity in their children.