About Me

My name is Diana Lane and I am a retired nurse. After spending many years taking care of patients on the floor, I now spend my days relaxing on the beach looking to get in touch with my creative side. In addition to arts and crafts with Beach Creative, I spend time collecting bottlecaps, collecting seashells, and aquascaping. In my retirement, I’ve worked hard to create a prolific collection of bottle caps and seashells. When I’m not getting in touch with my creative side, I’m taking care of my grandkids. They have a significant amount of energy and need to be kept busy.

The beach offers an endless playground for them to stay in shape, vent their energy, and get in touch with their creative side. My grandkids help me with the collecting projects and often serve as a source of inspiration for my future Beach Creative projects. They often look for animals in the ocean, play in the waves, and put together enormous sandcastles. They often bring plenty of bottle caps and seashells to add to my collections in addition to coming up with new projects. They often serve as the first kids to try out my projects.