iG Donates Crafting Items to Creative Schools

I’m so excited to announce that the trading company iG has donated more than 500 craft items to some of the creative schools in the United Kingdom. Often I visit the schools to provide creative art lessons and give them an introduction about crafting with beach products. Now a friend of mine who is currently working at iG has told the CEO about my classes. They immediately decided to donate more than 500 beach items to use them in my upcoming workshops. I was thrilled and excited by this news!

The CEO of iG is a big fan of beaches and when I spoke with him earlier, he talked about visiting the beach quite often with his wife. While spending the entire day on the beach, his wife, Susan, can’t help it to collect the many things she finds in the sand. She now has a collection which is stored in the shed, but she couldn’t really figure out how to use it. After hearing the story about Beach Creative, the CEO decided to asked Susan for her help. She was so excited about my classes that she decided to help me out. She sended me her entire collection of beach findings including many shells, plastic items and incredible stones. Thanks to iG i’m now the proud owner of many amazing products!

The products that I received will be used in my classes. For now, I will only be teaching on Mondays and Thursdays on three different creative schools. On Wednesdays I organize workshops in the community center nearby, called the Butterfly Center. The cost of participating are very low which is making all of these workshops very interesting. Every week there will be another workshop, so every week you will find something new to learn. If you are interested in learning more about sustainability and being creative with nature’s products, please join my workshop! On the weekends you can find me on the beach, just relaxing and collecting more items which can be used in my upcoming classes. Since the help of iG, I won’t have to find any more items for months!

Eventually I will be organizing beach tours and creative workshops in the weekends. By crafting on the beach, it could really benefit your health as well. Being outdoors, surrounded by salty wind can be good for your skin and can be very refreshing at the same time. The beach can be a very inspiring place and by visiting the beach frequently, you will be able to discover your inner peace and creativity. The beach comes complete with many different aspects which can be a great inspiration for you. The sand can be dyed with bright colours and that is something that especially kids loves to do. If you are interested in knowing more about my previous beach projects, please make sure to look at the project page on my website or follow my activities on my social media platforms. I would really dedicate this article to the company iG, without the help of Susan I didn’t got the chance to organize more workshops. A special thanks to that!