Workshops and Exhibitions

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Art Workshop

An opportunity to explore your creativity and ideas. Explore different methods of drawing, collage, painting and mixed media.


Life Drawing

There is no instruction but a different model each week. We alternate between male and female. Easels & boards provided.


Family Workshops

Re-Craft Workshops - Come and re-imagine; Re-Create; Re-use; recycled materials found and beach combed objects into wonderful new creations in exciting experimental ways. Contact Karen 07525 832875





Photographic Exhibition




9.00-5.00 Monday to Friday

Photographic Exhibition by Graham David Waters.





Handmade cards, art, jewellery and much more. FREE ADMISSION. For more information contact Paul on 07716 309 300





Open Exhibition - "GREEN". £5 Up to A4. £10 for larger pieces. Contact: Sue 0300 111 1913



Oradour Exhibition


Details to follow





Open Exhibition - "TAKE TO THE SKIES". During this year's Herne Bay Festival we will have an Open Show linked to the festival theme of Take to the Skies. Further details shall be posted soon.

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Artists in Residence

We have an eclectic mix of resident artists (visual and performing) in Beach Creative. Whether they have studios of their own or they share their rooms, there is plenty of space and time to work. We have monthly meetings where there is a very positive exchange of thoughts and ideas. The chill out room is a often a place where artists meet and chat while making a coffee.

Bright Shadow

Bright Shadow is a community performance company whose mission is to strengthen, value and celebrate the lives, stories and character of communities and individuals and to enable those individuals to be active members of their community. We provide performance workshops, long-term projects and produce high quality site-specific performances that are captivating, accessible and participatory. Bright Shadow’s work is always inspired by and created for the community, sharing the brightness found in the shadows. Bright Shadow is run by Katy Hirst and Rhiannon Lane. Please visit our website to find out more about us and to get in touch.

Paul Mitchell

Photo: Paul.Photo: Paul 1.Photo: Paul 2.

I am an artist and illustrator based in Herne Bay, so having workspace at Beach Creative works out perfectly! It’s wonderful to have a large room that is well lit and airy for me to work in. I produce a lot of different kind of visual work, so it’s good to have a versatile space.

Also, it’s great to have the chance to work and socialise with like-minded creative people.

Mandy Broughton

Mandy Broughton Swedish Ocean

Art has been a passion for me all my life. I come from a creative family that encouraged lateral thinking, observation, and having fun making things.

I grew up in the United States, have lived in Switzerland for two years and have finally decided to call Kent (England) my home. I enjoy water sports, walking my dog, cooking, dancing and beach combing. All these interests strongly influence my artwork.

I exhibit my work in the UK, mostly in Kent, and also in Northern France. My paintings have been sold as far afield as South Africa and the United States.

Henry Cockburn

Henry Cockburn Henry Cockburn

Rhona Gedge

Rhona Gedge Rhona Gedge

I recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA (hons) Fine Art. I am now living in Kent and I have my studio at Beach Creative which enables me to continue my practice.

I am intrigued by how the eye works, how it records, and breaks down visual information in the brain. Seeing is something we do automatically and subconsciously. Using light, glass, acrylic plastics, photography etc I aim to create an experience that links together science and art with an effect that enables people to explore how incredible our sense of perception is.

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Andrew Tapsell

Andrew Tapsell Andrew Tapsell

Andrew Tapsell is an artist based in Kent, United Kingdom. Having studied the visual arts in full time education for five years, his work has developed to become underpinned by drawing and photography, skills which he has used to develop a practice which combines these elements with his interest in responding to current sociological issues.

His contextual research includes looking at the pressures and challenges facing moral decision-making and responsibility in modern Western culture, particularly in relation to youth. Tapsell's work attempts to strip away the complexities of our modern lives and engage us with the core, common elements of the human condition.

The intimacy and immediacy involved in drawing helps his images connect with the fragility of the things which unite us all. The blurring of the known and unknown, the physical and spiritual, the material and emotional; brings matters of morality to mind and a sense of personal being. His current work attempts to unite the superficially small and the incomprehensibly vast in an effort to engage with notions of co-existence, responsibility and action and consequence.

Shelanne Terenghi

Photo: Shelanne.Photo: Shelanne 1.Photo: Shelanne 2.

I am an Artist (Painter) and Teacher. Art has always been my passion and I'm dedicated to helping people achieve and develop their creative goals. In the 80's I was an art director in advertising and before taking a long break to have a family, completed a BA Fine Art Painting Degree at Central St Martins College of Art, graduating in 1998.

Through placement at UCA as part of my PGCE in 2011/12 I was lucky to meet Gill Wilson (Senior Tutor and Founder!), and am now teaching workshops at Beach Creative. Having a studio here is an extra bonus and means I can really concentrate on my work and enjoy being in a community of like-minded people.

I believe art and creativity should be available to everyone and I seek to encourage all ages and walks of life to explore their creativity and have a go.

Nina Shilling

Photo: Nina.Photo: Nina 1.

I have lived in Herne Bay all my life and am really happy to be part of Beach Creative. It is a positive thing for the town and is instrumental in raising its profile.

I am greatly influenced by the coast, the wonderful skies, the changing seasons and local wildlife. My paintings and drawings are a direct response to nature and the living world.

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison Mike Harrison

My work is an interpretation my influences and past and present life experience a developing a set of symbolic devices and underlying semantic model that merges my software engineering background with my painterly or associated creative practices. Not easy, as I quite like to include an element of foolery in this quasi-serious process also.

Jacqueline Newbury BA Hons

Photo: Jacqueline Newbury.Photo: Jacq 1.Photo: Jacq 2.

I started painting in India in 1991 before I was advertising manager for national magazines. I had always been in awe of artists. After painting for the first time I was hooked and have only stopped for moments for my hand to catch up with my brain. The way I see painting is that it is something that can be used to express and exercise the subconscious, as well as, having the opportunity of seeing the world, life and souls in many forms and colours. It is intention to continue my life as a painter until I am no longer fit.I will never stop learning from my mistakes in life's learning process.

Stephen Larking (LarkiArt)

Photo: Stephen Larking.Photo: S Larking.

I have always drawn and doodled, plus spending most of my childhood making model kits and fixing bikes, all these events gifted me with the problem-solving abilities which were later used whilst studying for my degree in Architecture. I have an interest in the mechanics of nature plus using the skills developed from an architectural impulse; I decided to create Birds made from paper. So Far I have held many local exhibitions, and accept commissions. It is indeed a pleasure to belong to a group of highly talented artists. Who inspire and support a community through, the physical and visual world of art. for further information on exhibitions or commissions please visit my Facebook page:

Carl Stafford

Photo: Carl Stafford.Photo: Carl 1.Photo: Carl 2.

Over the years my art work as changed, and this year with a new studio it will bring something new. I have always painted surrealist dream paintings with bright colours, and something to make you wonder, and thought provoking. This year I am really going to give it my all and create a lot more work in the view to hopefully sell some work. I am excited with what the future holds ... new lady, new home, new studio, new start. I had a really successful expedition in 2012, and now with a fresh start in 2014 I hope to do well. Thank you for looking and reading about me. Please drop by and take a look at my studio (number 5 at Beach Creative).

Graham Cooper

Photo: Graham.Photo: Graham 1.

Harry Thomkins

Photo: Harry.

Kristian Borstlap

Photo: kristian.Sculptor creating paintings - installations involving a limited degree of spectator participation and exploring effects of parallax, audio-tactile separation, disorientation. Graduate of BA Hons Drawing from Camberwell University of the Arts, London 2012.