Why Go with a Beach Theme?

Our team gets asked about the beach theme constantly. Why did our company decide to model our projects off a beach theme? The answer is that the beach comes complete with multiple aspects that serve as an inspiration for everyone’s creative side. The pearly, white sand on the beach led to the development of the colored sand in a bottle project. The sand can be dyed a wide variety of colors that allows kids and parents alike to design some of the classic beach projects that everyone is familiar with. The driftwood can be incorporated into all kinds of sandcastle projects and sculpture designs as well. The sand is also ripe with a wide variety of shells that people spend hours collecting.

Many people are familiar with the idea of long walks on the beach with their loved ones looking for shells. These shells have served as an inspiration for a large number of our beach projects in addition to serving as keepsakes for kids and parents for years. Of course, people cannot overlook the aquatic diversity of the ocean as well. People spend hours surfing in the beautiful waves and scuba diving as they observe the diversity that the ocean has to offer.

The beautiful blue ocean is home to a wide variety of creatures. Starfish, dolphins, and sharks are all reasons that people take trips to explore the diversity of the ocean. The rocks on the ocean floor are home to a wide variety of aquatic life. This includes plants as well. The seaweed and kelp that grows on the bottom of the ocean adds a beautiful mix of color and life to the ocean. Clearly, the beach is home to some of the most diverse sources of inspiration in the world when it comes to arts and crafts. This served as the starting point for our crafts.